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NSIA Insurance
Our Mission

Get the funding you need to take your business to the next level.

At Noirak, we provide the funding you need to grow your business. We understand the challenges faced by business owners in accessing the capital required to finance their business growth, and we aim to bridge this gap by providing you with the capital you need to grow your business and compete in the global trade finance market.

Our mission is to help businesses of all sizes access the funding they need to grow and succeed in the global marketplace.

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Drive your Trade Finance Excellence with our Finance Solutions.

Drive your business operations towards excellence with the support of finance Solutions. Our expertly crafted financial solutions act as the steering wheel, guiding your business towards a prosperous and thriving trade landscape.

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    Invoice Finance

    Our Invoice Financing, is a solution designed to help businesses unlock cash flow by advancing funds against outstanding invoices. It provides immediate access to working capital.

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    Import Financing

    Our Import Financing is designed to assist businesses in covering the costs of importing goods and managing cash flow during the procurement process. It enables businesses to pay suppliers promptly and ensures a smooth import process.

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    Export Factoring

    Our Export Factoring is tailored to help businesses fulfill export orders by providing funding to cover production and shipping costs. It ensures timely delivery to customers and supports business growth in international markets.

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    Warehouse Financing

    Our warehouse Financing is a specialized solution designed to provide funding to businesses based on the value of inventory or goods stored in a warehouse. It helps businesses leverage their inventory as collateral to access working capital.

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    Bridge Financing

    Our Bridge Loan is designed to provide short-term financing to bridge the gap between immediate financial needs and longer term funding. It is particularly useful for businesses facing temporary cash flow challenges or waiting for other forms of financing.

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    Temporary Overdraft

    Our temporary Overdraft is a short term financing solution that allows businesses to access additional funds beyond their account balance. It is designed to cover temporary cash flow gaps and provides flexibility for unexpected expenses or opportunities.


The Noirak Advantage

  • Diversified capital sources
  • Access to specialized expertise
  • Enhanced growth opportunities
  • Cash flow stabilization
  • Efficient use of assets
  • Competitive advantage
  • Operational continuity
  • Tailored financial solution

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Our Clients have this to Say

Hear What Our Valued Clients Have to Say About Their Experience with

Raphael Umeh

Ralphmolly Enterprise

Noiräk's reasonably priced interest rates were one of the main things that drew our business to them. In other to save money over the long term, we were looking for a loan provider that had favourable terms. Noiräk's interest rates, which were more affordable than those provided by many other financial institutions, surpassed our expectations. They were undoubtedly a standout choice for us.

Babatunde Enoch

Trader, Computer Village

Noiräk is aware that borrowers' needs and financial circumstances vary. They provide a wide range of loan choices to meet different needs in order to accommodate this. They provided us variety of alternatives, this made it easy to work with their company.

Frankling Mbah

Bosco Motors

Noiräk’s loan is easy and quick when you have the required documents. They offered us the necessary support to speed up our application process and their decision making was clear with the support they provided us. They are also interested in our business performance and growth and offered us other support beyond their business offering.

Wande Abisoye

Trader, Trade Fair

Noiräk has good customer service. They are always available to handle any questions or inquiries we had, making us feel valued and supported throughout the application process. They do go above and beyond to provide timely and dependable client service, setting themselves apart.

Solomon Nwankwo

Trader, Alaba International

One of the things that genuinely we love about Noiräk is their devotion to a transparent process. Every facet of the loan arrangement was fully conveyed to us, from the initial loan terms to the payback information. There were no surprises or hidden fees, allowing us to make informed decisions. This kind of honesty established trust and confidence in our relationship with Noiräk.

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